How To Buy In Pancakeswap

in a nutshell


Visit Pancake Swap and connect your wallet (Metamask, TrustWallet, etc.) Search FUSAT token, add the number of tokens you want, and swap.


If you cannot find FUSAT in the token list of PancakeSwap, you can add it entering the FUSAT contract address below on the Manage Tokens option:


Enter the number of tokens you want, click on Swap, confirm the transaction on your wallet and receive the tokens. If you can’t see the tokens on your wallet, import the token.


Get A Crypto Wallet
like Metamask

If you don’t have it already, first you need to get a Web 3.0 crypto wallet that will allow you to store pretty much any BEP20 token (we like Metamask, but if you want to use another one, fell free to do it). You can download the app, or if you are on your desktop, we recommend the Chrome extension

Connect your wallet To

PancakeSwap is the decentralized exchange where you can buy our token (FUSAT). In order to do that, you need to connect your wallet to the exchange. Click the link below to learn how to do that easily.

Buy Some BNB And
send it to your wallet

In Pancakeswap you will need BNB, BUSD, or CAKE to buy other tokens, we recommend using BNB because you have to pay a small fee per transaction, to do this, you can just buy BNB on your favorite exchange and send it to your Metamask wallet.

Choose/Add Fusat Token
To The Swap

In PancakeSwap, go to Exchange, and you will see the window to choose BNB on the top and you need to choose FUSAT below so you can swap your BNB for FUSAT. Try using the search option to enter FUSAT but if you cannot find it, click on Manage Tokens, choose the option Tokens and enter the FUSAT contract address in the field:
FUSAT Contract Address: 0x5d28cC987d34AAd8D8cB1a2ABFc965827c3cC270
then click on Import, check the “I Understand” notification, and click on Import again.

choose the number of tokens,
swap and confirm

After adding the token, you just need to enter the number of tokens you want to swap, click on Swap, and the Chrome extension of your Metamask will open and will ask you to confirm the transaction and pay using the funds on your wallet. Once you Confirm, it will take a few minutes for you to receive the tokens in your wallet.

Add Fusat Token

If after the swap you don’t see the tokens on your wallet is because you probably need to import them. To do this, just open your wallet, scroll down and click on Import Tokens, paste the FUSAT contract address from Step 3, the rest of the fields will fill automatically, click on Add Custom Token, and you should be able to see your tokens. 
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