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The Future Of
Real Estate
The first hybrid multiversal decentralized real-estate company.
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Our ICO Has Ended
$7,045,483 contribution received
Softcap in 120 days
DEX Sale
No Minimum
From May, 2022
BSC Swaps
Total Supply: 30 B Tokens
Token distribution: 17 B Tokens
What is Futusato
About Futusato
Futusato is the evolution of housing solutions around the world. It is the solution to provide users with a home for the real and the virtual world.
We aim to create a system that facilitates every individual to acquire their own eco-friendly real estate in the real world and in the metaverse.
The current system is obsolete, which makes it very difficult for people to create a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle without breaking the bank, it is time to provide individuals the right tools to create their life-space without the risk of endless debt.
What is Futusato token (FUSAT)?
Our Tokens
FUSAT is a Futusato token created in the Binance Smart Chain. It is a BEP20 token. This is the token issued to our investors and supporters, basically to every individual who believes in our project and wants to become part of it. FUSAT will allow us to fund the base and infrastructure of the Futusato project. The Futusato project has different areas and the main features of those areas include:

Futusato offers all you need in an space-optimized house made of durable and sustainable materials, built in an efficient way.


Pay for your Futusato home in deferred payments with the help of our crypto loans.


Our success is your success. By supporting us and holding our tokens, we guarantee an increment of your investment in correlation to the growth of our company.


Our eco-friendly houses include a virtual version, you will get a METAVERSE version of your house as an NFT. Futusato is known as “the IKEA of the Metaverse” since our marketplace is focused on housing and living.


Do you feel lucky? Perhaps you can win a real home with our Futusato lotto by paying just for the lottery ticket with a fraction of cryptocurrency.


Become a resident of our future living communities and enjoy the benefits of a balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

Global Investments Distribution
Futusato is a project created and built in the European market, but we aim to expand our services and products around the world as fast as possible.
Why Choosing Us
Affordable Housing

Owning a home shouldn’t be so hard, that’s why we are constantly optimizing the cost of construction and adopting new technologies and tools to increase the capacity of production.


As we move on in life, technology is advancing quickly too. And we can see the reach of the Metaverse and its potential around the corner. We want to give you a place to live in this virtual world too.


Speaking of the real world, we aim for the creation of an ecosystem capable of renewing itself and being sustainable by adding self-sufficient food growing to the living communities.

Fund distribution
  • 30 billion Token
  • 17 billion Token sale
  • 3 billion Hard Cap
  • U$0.03 - Coin price
Token distribution
  • 45% Distributed to Community
  • 25% Reserved Funding
  • 12% Founders and Team
  • 2% “Bounty” campaign
token contract address 
In order to make FUSAT token distribution process more efficient, the FUSAT price will now be linked to BNB:
Available only in DEX 
Our Strategy and Project Plan
May 2021
IBTTRADE OÜ is incorporated in Estonia. The first project of the company, Futusato, is shaped in the mind of the founders.
Jun 2021
Big research about blockchain, crypto, NFTs, and the real estate market starts. We create a plan about what Futusato will offer to the crypto community.
Jul 2021
After the incorporation of the company, we assembled a team of close friends with different professional skills to plan the Futusato ecosystem and the best strategy to follow
Nov 2021
First Futusato houses were built in Budapest, Hungary. Futusato website is created. The whitepaper is created.
Dec 2021
The most important part for our future supporters and investors is ready: the Futusato Token is developed (FUSAT) and ready to be issued. First Airdrop to build the Futusato audience. Our NFT houses are listed
Jan 2022
First Initial Farming Offering starts. Futusato token is listed in decentralized exchanges. (Pancakeswap)
Jun 2022
Futusato decentralized swap is operational. Futusato lottery is ready. Futusato NFT marketplace is operational.
Jul 2022
Futusato apps start development for both iOS and Android. Start development of our crypto loan system.
Aug 2022
Futusato Token is listed in centralized exchanges (ex. Kucoin, Huobi, Binance, etc.) FUSAT token is listed in the CoinMarketcap website.
Sep 2022
Houses of the first NFT buyers are finished. Futusato NFT marketplace offers furniture and appliances.
Dec 2022
Expansion of Futusato real estate to other continents. FUSAT token climbs to the top 100 of the crypto ranking on Coinmarketcap.
FUSAT launch price
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