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17 Dec: Top 5 Metaverse Blockchain Games To Watch on 2022

While the Metaverse might be a new notion for the population at large, the concept has been around for a while — especially in gaming.

Immersive digital worlds where you can exist as an avatar have been around for decades now.

And with the proliferation of NFTs, play-to-earn games are on the rise, offering the perfect medium for adopting and using these digital assets.

Cathie Wood
Blockchain Technology

16 Nov: How Blockchain Technology Can Change The World?

Blockchain technology is one of the most revolutionary digital innovations and at the same timeless exploited (for now) in everyday applications. The blockchain is computer technology for the management of all transactions relating to a specific type of asset (which can also be money) based on a decentralized register in which everything is contained. the history of exchanges that took place within the network. A sort of ledger shared by all.